This week in Paradise

new drive


new drive from 10th Lane


Another productive week for the oneacrewoods and it’s inhabitants. The driveway project is mostly finished and I am pleased to show it to you and to invite you to come park your cars here and visit for a while.  I am very happy with the way things are looking and know it will help alleviate some of the parking issues we’ve had in the past. And already UPS and Fedex love us because once again they have a loop and can actually get out of 10th Lane without risking getting shot by Ernie or Pat or Dave. I think we are the only ones back here who don’t have gates, cameras and threatening signs. We do have an attack cat.
Monday was such an awesome day. First, I got off work early since Tanisha was rushing off to Rotary meeting, then my massage was purely wonderful, followed by a visit to Mariposa nursery where I found my grape vine, followed by dinner at Chili’s by myself and BSF.  I don’t know why I enjoy eating alone at a restaurant every now and then, but I do. I guess I like being able to pay attention to all the new people around me and being observant. The waiters and waitresses actauly talk to me.  And I’m free to think while I eat – it’s just different. 
I had a good week at work.  I did get a yearly raise! I’d almost given up looking for it but it’s on the check I got today. I’m getting a dollar more for every hour I work which is very nice and I am grateful. I got Wednesday off because Peruvian Mary hasn’t quit yet. I think I’m off for the weekend too. Tanisha and I haven’t had anything but friendly discourse for quite a while now and I’m proud of her for being so stable for a change. 
I have a creative project that I am working on. I am making costume dresses for a school of the arts year-end program.  Some of the students are doing a Little House on the Prairie drama (think Mary and Laura). I have one dress finished and one to go. I love sewing but I have to admit that this pattern they’ve chosen is full of techniques that are not my favorite. I am not fond of buttonholes and I hate casings with ribbon drawstrings.  My fingers are already sore from threading ribbon through narrow little casings, nevertheless it is still fun for the most part. I love seeing fabric become something recognizable.
Today I finished typing Auntie Irene’s memoirs and printed them out for her in large font. It was such a great story – had me laughing and crying, both. Dennis and I discussed a business idea of helping people write out their stories like Irene did but we couldn’t quite figure out how to charge for my work. I’m going to think about it a little more because there are probably zillions of people down here who would like to sit and talk about their lives… just saying. If any of you want me to help you while I’m building up my portfolio of work, let me know ( Mom, Dad ???) .
And last but not least, it’s been so beautiful outside EVERY day this week. TAnisha’s bayou, the beach, and the oneacrewoods where I spend my time are the prettiest places on earth this time of year. I have gardens that are fun to work in – my very own dirt and plants and trees on loan from God. There have been other good things this week too which I have been thinking about as opposed to doing but that’s for an upcoming post (follow up from Focus 1, in case you remember reading that). I’m working on it.


my knock out roses

the sun light on fountain grass

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