Coming Back to Center

Yesterday I finished working a lengthy project. Today I am re-centering. I started to describe it as finding my own life again, but that is not true. It’s all my own life. Choosing to immerse myself in work away from home and my usual routine is choosing how to spend my life, my minutes. Things, like this project, that seem like they could be distractions are really important parts of the main thing. They are my life. Stepping outside the norm challenges me to be resourceful and flexible. It brings new experiences, new thoughts and emotions, reveals areas of needed growth. And when it’s over, it makes coming back to “normal” sweeter and restful.

Be totally honest now, do I look centered?

Today I started back to center. I spent time talking with mom, and praying with friends. I took out the garbage, washed the dishes, found the washer and dryer under a rather large pile of stuff and started reading a new book to the husband. I watched snowflakes float down. I cooked broccoli, zucchini and salmon for dinner. I got a package ready for the mail. This too was all my life. One of my favorite sayings describes it perfectly. “It was all fun, and fun is good.” Just sayin’…

4 thoughts on “Coming Back to Center

  1. Loved your article, Shirley. I am so looking forward to being back to whatever my new normal will be. The photo of your little animal made me laugh out loud. You’re on my list for a phone conversation, hopefully in the near future. My house will be listed tomorrow, so you know a little bit about what I have been doing.

    I’ll spend most of tomorrow at Moffitt Cancer Center as it is time for my next 90 day scan. I’ll get labs first, then go through the scan process, then meet with the oncologist a few hours later to get the results.



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    • Praying all goes well tomorrow, and that you are able to flex with all the BIG changes. House selling is an emotional rollercoaster, on top of everything else that’s jumped into your life. Phone call will be a treat for me!

  2. You remind us all that our days are mostly filled with lots of “little” accomplishments — but put all together — it’s what makes up real life — reading to that loved one, cooking that special dinner, praying with or for another loved one, mailing that package to yet another loved one…

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