Adventure. I am always looking for it and will tell you that I think of myself as an adventure loving person. I do. In that regard, I have a bucket list of adventures and experiences that I try to work on every now and then. On my list for this spring is to spend time hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Years ago, I drove to a family reunion in the “four corners” region, an interesting geographical area, where four state square corners meet.  There is a monument there explaining that as you look in different directions you are seeing Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona from that one spot. It is not far from the Grand Canyon so we added a side trip. We had not arranged any excursions ahead of time and were only able to take a shuttle ride along the south rim, but that was enough. The views from the rim are breathtaking and the thought of starting down that trail was so compelling it has stuck with me ever since. I knew I had to do it, someday.

As it happens, one of my brothers spent summers working at the canyon, in various capacities, when he was younger. It has been one of his favorite places over the years and he has hiked nearly all the main trails. I finally gave up waiting for him to ask me on a hike and begged. It worked.

This year’s A to Z Challenge will cover the inspiration, the preparation, the expectation, and the anticipation of my hike down the South Kaibab Trail, my two nights at Phantom Ranch, and the hike back up on the Bright Angel Trail. Since the hike won’t actually take place until May 14th, I’m planning on adding “participation” notes and pictures to my posts after I return.

There is a lot to consider, a lot to learn before going. We have been planning for months already. My brother is taking good care of me as evidenced by the guided trip he chose for us. It is the Grand Canyon Conservancy’s Take a Load Off: Mule-Assisted Camping 0514. In addition, I’ll be spending a few nights in the Mather Campground on the south rim before and after the hike.

Read along on the next 25 posts and you’ll know how to get ready for it too. You will want to go. It will be an adventure!

And so we start on our adventure!

30 thoughts on “Adventure!

  1. Hi, my name is Dimitris Karvelis Ι grew up in a Greek small heavenly island between the green and immense light blue called Skopelos. When I was a child I wanted to be near the nature. Growing and additionally to social growth rate I neglected nature and adventure seeking. I created this Blog to share my new adventures travels and outdoor activities both in Greece and abroad

  2. Many years ago (about two decades of many) I was backpacking around the US and went to the Grand Canyon. Pictures just don’t give it the credit it needs. It is stunning. I really wanted to hike down, but didn’t have the time or gear. Good luck!

    Stopping by as part of A-Z. AJ Blythe

  3. My grandson and I are flying to Arizona, staying with my sister Ellen, and then she and her husband are taking us to the Grand Canyon. A friend of mine from Guatemala is coming along to have the adventure parks there and so she knows all the good stuff…she also used to provide jeep tours of the desert so I am sure we will have fun prospecting for gold or something crazy.
    I hope I will see you before you leave. Andi

  4. Oh, this is going to be so interesting! Know that I will be following as a fascinated fan! 🙂

  5. This sounds like an excellent adventure! Looking forward to reading all the details.

  6. Jon and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in about 1982. We stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch and hiked back up the next day. My parents were staying at the South Rim with their trailer and we hurried back up as a snowstorm was coming and we wanted to get the trailer back to Phoenix before the snow came and before the wAter pipes froze in the trailer! We made it! My folks had gone to the bottom previously on a mule trip and stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch. The Grand Canyon was one of my Dad’s favorite places! Have a wonderful trip!

  7. Oh how I would love to go ! Ive done it twice with Robert and some of my fondest memories draw me back to my canyon experiences. It is an adventore. You’ll be hooked…it will foever be calling you back. Ill be thinking of you, and awaiting your pictues and comments.

  8. I am really looking forward to your posts. I have never even seen the Grand Canyon except in pictures and we all know that a picture cannot possibly ever do justice to such an amazing place. We are so lucky in this country to have such natural wonders.

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