A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter L)

I confess, I ate this.

Had an “angst day” today. While researching moving and storage options online, I ate a whole pint of Brookie Dough ice cream (which I found when I cleaned out the renter’s freezer). It was good.

“Lower the Price” starts with L

I’m getting so tired of the suggestion to lower the price for my things I want to get rid of, when the price is going higher for everything I need to get. How does that happen?

Today I posted some furniture for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I really like that option for selling things – it’s like having a garage sale without a lot of uninterested people involved. I often start getting responses in minutes.

But, just like at yard sales, online swap shops are full of bargain hunters that will usually offer half or less than my advertised price. (sad face) Sometimes I go with whatever is being offered because the objective is only to get the item out the door. Anything I get is a bonus. To be honest, some of the things I’ve sold were free to me and I had no idea what they would cost if I’d bought them. I list them as free items and they go pretty fast. The frustrating times happen when I have something nice to sell, something which I had to wait to afford, and paid for dearly.

As soon as I list it, Facebook Marketplace has an option for me to lower the price! It also gives me the prices of similar listed items for comparison, which is helpful, I guess. However, it gives me the same feeling as when I trade in a vehicle and the salesman starts telling me how little my car is really worth.

The really scary price lowering is probably going to happen when we start bargaining with a prospective house buyer. Deciding what to ask in the first place has to take in account that someone will offer a lower amount, almost assuredly. It also has to take into account that we are spending somewhere around $15K just to make the houses nicer for someone else. It is a bit of a numbers game and depends so much on the market, and the individual buyer’s love for a particular place.

I want to come away from this experience with the feeling that we have been fairly rewarded for the care and attention to this beautiful property. I also want to feel that we have passed on the blessing to the next owner and been fair to them. I am praying for this to happen and am confident that it will, even if we have to lower the price.



10 thoughts on “A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter L)

  1. Dumping is so very distasteful, but when the time comes that an item (or items) just has to get out the door, I’ve had to suck it up and kick it to the curb. It’s painful, no doubt about it.
    Good luck!

  2. I like using the marketplace too. Currently trying to help out my daughter by selling her prom dresses. And so are about a million other moms I believe. lol Not going the best needless to say. I’m about ready to look into upcycling options for them.

  3. Lowering your price for ‘items you want to get rid of’ should be a last resort, in my opinion. A lot of times, success in selling can be very time dependent. For example, you may want to sell a certain style of kitchen table, which is not popular today. In a few months or years this style of table may become popular and you may receive top dollar. I would not recommend lowering your price and holding onto some of the stuff (if you can). If you simply must sell, then you may not have any options. I liked your post!! Nice Job…

  4. All the very best with the move. I can understand how overwhelming it must be. But change I always feel is a great way to begin afresh and bring more abundance and wonder into our lives.
    Like the saying: Change is the only constant in our lives.

    Happy AtoZing. Thank you for leaving your imprints on my blog. Good to be here.


    April Anecdotes
    Love Conquers All

  5. just went through that nightmare a year ago. Sadly things I was hoping to sell or give to people who said they wanted them ended up in the dump or at the curb with a sign “please take me.”
    I just ran out of time to list things.
    Hope it goes well.

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