A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter K)

Kilz Is Not A Scary Word  ( a poem of a different kind )


Kilz is a homeowner’s friend.

It is an amazing paint product, not an evil act.

Actually I think it is a play on words, being similar to Kills,

Which is an evil act most of the time. Kilz was probably fashioned after Kills

Because it does “do away with” some undesirables, like stains, like mold.

It covers and traps resins and penetrating colors and hides them, so

You could say, Kilz kills them.


Kilz can make your walls lovable again.

The handprints, the crayon pictures, the pet stains,

When you want them gone, are all hard to cover.

Ordinary paint may allow these stains to bleed through, and then

There they are again, resurrected. Kilz will fix it,

Although I don’t know how.


It’s a primer, and that word means it comes first.

Sealing the porous surfaces, creating a base for color.

Hiding the surface underneath, Kilz makes paint colors

Truer, brighter, and helps them stick to

Most any surface, which is very handy.


Have you heard of mildewcide?

It’s in Kilz, and mildew can’t abide

The surface primed with this special stuff.

Good to know. Use it where mold might grow.


It looks like paint, it comes in a can.

Put it on with a brush.

I’m a big fan.


Another handy feature,

It cleans up with soap and water.


Kilz is a homeowner’s friend.


This is an awful poem, if a poem at all, but it does have decreasing number of lines in each stanza. There may be a name for this form, or I may have made it up. It does give it some distinction, I think.  


A sign featuring the letter K in a prominent spot, but having nothing to do with the poem above.

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