A to Z in April


I’m committing to this blogging challenge because I have finally found a purpose for it. A purpose that will make it easier to survive April. It will be my angst release valve. Let me explain.

The husband and I have been talking about selling our house and moving for, well… ages, but we are now to the point of having a realtor as our new best friend. It’s my new job (in addition to paring down) to make the house go on the market in the next month. I’ve started a new level of preparation in the last few weeks and it’s made me so busy and preoccupied that writing about anything has gone to the bottom of my to-do list. I didn’t see how I could possibly write for the challenge with all that’s going on.

Then I started thinking of all that I’ve learned, all the interesting new people who’ve come along, all the snags and complications. It would be easy to write about this experience, emotionally beneficial and more socially acceptable than sitting in the driveway screaming/crying/pulling out my hair. It took my family all of 15 minutes to think of a topic for every letter of the alphabet. Yes!

The things making up my days are now going to make it into writing in the month of April. If you’ve ever thought of buying or selling a house, you might learn something useful. If you’ve done it before and know all about it, you might like to compare your experience with mine. Either way, follow along. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “A to Z in April

  1. Hi Shirley,
    Terrific theme for the A-Z challenge and very brave of you to take it on in the midst of your move. I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.
    I blog at https://profoundjourney.com. I’m doing the challenge for the first time. My theme is Snack-Sized Wow Notes for Women, Midlife and Beyond.
    Have a great challenge.

  2. I Love your topic! Not selling ever if I can help it, but I’m sure there’s something I can share with your great insight. Look forward to visiting again!

  3. I have done this. I was in charge of getting my dad’s house of 33 years, emptied, prepped, and sold after he passed away. I look forward to reading your always insightful tellings of your own experience. ❤

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