Am I a Habitual Rescuer?

Been thinking a lot of how God is in the business of eventually making all things new – restoration. And strangely, over the last 24 hours I’ve thought maybe I should be more like him and restore the piano. Three hundred dollars isn’t all that much. Maybe it can be fixed. It will feel good to try, even if it’s a bit crazy.


2 thoughts on “Am I a Habitual Rescuer?

  1. Jon’s volunteering at a Fix-It Clinic in St. Paul today … they hold them monthly and he has helped at many of them over the past year, and even encouraged another “fix-it” friend of his to come and help the past couple of months. He really enjoys taking things apart and doing his best to see if he can fix them again! Our county sponsors them in hopes of keeping items out of the landfills, and while not everything brought in can be fixed, many things can be! Good luck with your decision on restoring your piano, Shirley!

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