Am I Done Being a Slave to “Stuff”?

For some time now, the husband and I have been thinking about downsizing life in general, and our housing in particular.  The Oneacrewoods is a beautiful property and because it has two houses it is economical to rent one of them and live in the other.  We have enjoyed living there for twenty plus years now, but as we think about retiring we also think about all the work and maintenance that has to go on regularly.  So we ask ourselves what we need to be doing if we want to move at some point in time.  We have to get rid of a lot of “stuff”.

I already feel like I have been taking loads of things to Good Will and Salvation Army and out to garbage pick up.  The trouble is, I hardly seem to have made a dent in the way things look, or the fullness in the closets or the chaos in the garage.  Enter Marie Kondo with the KonMar method of tidying up.  This book is on the best seller list and I think it’s because the author strikes a chord with so many people like me.  She makes it possible to appreciate all the stuff you have, even while getting rid of it.

worth a spot on your bookshelf
worth a spot on your bookshelf

One of the most valuable concepts I got from this read was the fact that your possessions, the way you think about them, and the way you treat them have a lot to do with your sense of freedom and clarity of purpose in your life. That’s why the author sticks with her claim that following her advice is life-changing and almost magical.

Even though I’ve been half a century (and more) dealing with my “stuff” there were ideas in here that were different and new to me.  I would definitely try them.  The hardest part will be discarding things I’ve been saving to do someday in the future when I have time.  But I have to admit keeping these things around, trying to store them properly, having them take up space – well, that’s kind of like being in slavery to inanimate objects.

I’ve pretty much been living out of a suitcase since the end of May and have managed just fine without my stuff.  Other priorities, like relationships with real people, have gotten needed attention.  I guess I’m ready to go home, clear out some spaces, and set some of my stuff free to find another life.  I’m just sayin’, how hard can it be?

5 thoughts on “Am I Done Being a Slave to “Stuff”?

  1. I can so relate! Despite donating bagfuls of stuff and tossing out more bagfuls, the house still seem as cluttered. You are so right that we’re enslaved to our objects. Good luck on further cleaning!

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