Help! Where Am I Now?

I’m a pretty good driver, really, just don’t talk to me while I’m driving.  Lately, out here in Seattle, I’ve been driving a lot in the city – well, it’s all city.  Yesterday on our way in to my daughter’s work I noticed we were nearly out of gas which is a scary condition to be in since you never know how long you might be going nowhere on the parking lots they call roads.  I decided to drop her off and see if I could fill up before going in the parking garage.

Unlike the area in Florida where I come from, this city has no gas stations.  Where do all these cars get fuel? I don’t know.  I had seen one gas station on the street we normally took from the hospital to downtown so I headed toward it.  That street is called Cherry.

For those of you who don’t know, downtown Seattle’s main streets running perpendicular to the waterfront and two streets starting with a J, two streets starting with a C, followed by two starting with M, then two with an S, then  two with a U and finally two with a P.  Some bright person made the acronym Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Pressure to help them remember the order.  I think it’s pretty obvious Jesus didn’t make Seattle, but that’s just my opinion.

So as I’m driving around trying to get to Cherry Street where I think the gas station is, I am encountering all kinds of unexpected one way prohibitions.  There’s nothing more unnerving than rounding a corner and finding all the lanes of traffic full of cars facing you.  It’s nice that people start waving their hands at you before you get too far.  Just sayin’.

Finding Cherry wasn’t too hard but I thought I’d been transported to a different universe when it dead ended in the middle of a building complex.  Nothing looked familiar.  I would have stopped to look at my  GPS to figure out what was going on BUT THERE IS NO PLACE TO STOP in Seattle, except at stop lights.  All the lights are timed to turn green just before I get to Google maps.  I have found that when I keep moving, trying to decide which lane to be in, which direction to turn, and how to not hit any of the hundreds of people crossing the street at every intersection I can really cover a lot of ground. So very soon, I had no idea where I was.  But not to worry because I hadn’t run out of gas yet and, “thank you Lord”, ahead I saw a gas station.

Such relief.  After a few minutes on my navigation app I found out that the Cherry Street I really wanted goes around a slight corner and becomes James Street in the downtown area. ,, I understand one more traffic puzzle now.  I learn something new every day in Seattle.  Now that I’m getting around pretty good, it’s almost time to go back to Florida…

Back to Race Trac and WaWa on every corner.

Back to roads that are horizontal instead of nearly vertical.

Back to where you only have to wait through one or two cycles of the traffic light to get through the intersection.

Back to where I’m not the oldest person on the road… just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Help! Where Am I Now?

  1. This is hilarious and I can also sympathize! I was born here in Seattle and the maze of streets is part of our civic psyche, for sure. Oh, and the phrase I use ends with, “Under Protest.” You are right, we don’t think Jesus is directly responsible for the streets but perhaps, since we know He uses all things for the good of those who love Him, he uses the Seattle streets to help us find Him!

  2. You are a brave soul to navigate that mess. I always thought Seattle was confusing but I thought it was because I was used to the nice grids of Vancouver. (OTOH, Seattle is not nearly as scary as Dallas-Fort Worth at night.)

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