A Day to Rest: The Cambodia Saga

Tuesday in Kep

Assortments of fruits, everything Westerners have for breakfast (everything, really) plus all the Cambodian favorites
Assortments of fruits, everything Westerners have for breakfast (everything, really) plus all the Cambodian favorites

How blessed we were to have a full day of rest before the long flight home, and doubly blessed to have it in such a beautiful, interesting place. I had imagined myself just sitting somewhere with a beautiful view, writing and reading all day. That is very close to what happened with a few other additions, the first of which was breakfast buffet. All I can say is, American hotels, you have been put to shame. Most anything a person could think of wanting for breakfast and a whole bunch of things you wouldn’t think of – all are available on this buffet. Fresh crepes and omelets are cooked to order. The staff is there anticipating needs.

It was a rainy day, of course, so it was easy to spend time on our patio, organizing pictures and catching up on blog posts. And soon it was time for lunch (I know, eat, eat, eat…) Julie and I did a light lunch of shakes and french fries. We sat visiting with some other team members until it was time for our massages. This year french fries were the “go to” comfort food at all our usual eating places and I think there is something really different and good about Cambodian french fries.

Very skillful at massage, professional and very quiet... (do not speak English)
Very skillful at massage, professional and very quiet… (do not speak English)
the interesting ingredients for a two hour facial
the interesting ingredients for a two hour facial

We went together to the massage room where two lovely ladies put us on our tables and went to work on us. I had an aromatherapy session and Julie had an option that included a facial. However since we were only a couple feet apart I could hardly keep her from breathing my lemongrass scented air. The warm, scented oil was what was rubbed everywhere on me except my head so I came out very lubricated. Julie said her face felt really good after the facial. I have never had two full hours of massage at one time so this was a real treat. I am full of painful spots so didn’t fall asleep but I have heard that others do.

V Chen, a young lady who is a doctor, joined us in the afternoon. She and Bora are good friends and they both volunteer their time for our medical missions which is why Trish invited them to come to Veranda. We hung out at the Infinity Pool, taking pictures and talking until it was time to go to dinner again at Secret Restaurant. And again, after dinner was cleared away, we played the card game. No one knows exactly how it is spelled but it sounds something like “tajeet”. Any number of people can play and it gets pretty silly. It is a fun game and I guess I would play it again, but it also is a game where I got caught looking pretty slow and dense – a perfect example of why I usually say I hate games. But I will play.

Fortunately the game ended suddenly with a blast of wind that nearly blew all the cards off the table and rain that dampened us all. We went to our rooms to prepare for departure in the morning and to get a night’s sleep.

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