Tuesday Travels: #5

It’s Tuesday again.  I’m very glad that I worked on packing the bags I had been given last week.  I looked through all of the contents so I would know what I was carrying, added my own contributions and then stepped on the scale with them.  They all should be just under the 50 lb. limit. Thankfully they were.

I’m glad I got  this done because Saturday night I got a call from my hometown that my dad had died – a heart attack most likely. The rest of the night was spent making travel arrangements, not to Cambodia but to Hayward, Wisconsin.  It’s always a complicated procedure to get ticketed on a reasonable flight, at a reasonable price, at the last minute. Even more of a chore when I’m not thinking clearly.  There was another decision to be made every five minutes and they all seemed hard, even the little inconsequential ones.  I had to persist and get there as quickly as I could.  Around 1 am I finally found a way to get home by the next afternoon.

Travel next week will be on Sunday again – back to Bradenton, hopefully in time to wash clothes, pack again and travel to Jacksonville on Monday, to fly on Tuesday to Atlanta and then on to Cambodia.  I feel well traveled.  Maybe over traveled.  This is not the time for me to write about how I’m feeling here, getting ready for my dad’s memorial service.  I am thankful to be surrounded by friends and family,  by love and support.  I will only say that my dad, Owen Smith, will be missed a lot.  We weren’t really prepared to be without him but in some ways the timing was providential.  God knew.

Love you Dad.  It’s so evident now that the body is only a shell to hold the real person for a limited time.  We are really made and groomed for what lies ahead, after we leave this present reality.

with Dad and daughter Julia at her graduation from vet school
with Dad and daughter Julia at her graduation from vet school
Dad in his younger years... a handsome guy.
Dad in his younger years… a handsome guy.

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