Give Your Spouse the Gift That Can’t Go Wrong by Winifred M. Reilly

Well, I read this and found several new ways of thinking that I can use on the husband. Due to work schedules we have been “ships passing in the night” the last few days and should probably spend some time together this week. I’ll have to remember to talk to him like I talk to the cat. I don’t think I’ve ever talked mean to the cat. Well, maybe once… just sayin’.

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Whether you’re a big holiday shopper or a minimalist, here’s one gift your spouse is guaranteed to enjoy.

There’s no need to wrap it and plenty of opportunity to use it.

This year, give your partner a break.

Fifteen minutes late? Think: Oh, she had a hard time getting out of the office.
Snappish tone? Think: he must need a hug and some TLC.

Too often, we look at our spouse through the worst possible lens: She’s so inconsiderate. He’s such a stickler for detail. We go to always and never, turning isolated instances into sweeping generalizations, seeing everyday annoyances as evidence of character flaw.

Some of the most unhappy couples I know keep close tabs on their partner’s transgressions, stockpiling their missteps to be used as ammunition. They’re all over each other’s shortcomings and regularly air their displeasure — giving each other the clear message that they’re being…

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