It’s A Jungle…

With all the rain we have been getting, the oneacrewoods is turning into a oneacrejungle faster than I can tame it.  Letting it go too far is a mistake that take twice as much work to correct.  I broke down and got Joe to come help me today and we began cutting things back.  You people who live in other parts of the world have no idea what I’m talking about.  The vegetation that we remove gets hauled back to a corner of the yard where I hope it will eventually break down and disappear but right now it is a giant pile higher than my head.

Vegetation mountain
Vegetation mountain

I was working in one of my pineapple plots which had become a grass plot and suddenly I heard a curious squeaking noise.  So strange, it seemed to be coming from under my feet and I finally located it.  Two small critters about four inches long with big ears were panicking in the dirt where I had just pulled up a big grass plant..  They could barely move and were entirely at my mercy.  I called Joe over to look.  We decided they were rabbits.  I’m not sure if they were just hidden in the grass or in a shallow burrow but I had evidently taken away their cover.  Joe kind of camouflaged their little depression in the soil with some grass plants and we hoped Mama rabbit would come and fetch them to another home.

An hour or so later I was talking to Joe and he said ” di you see billow ge rabbage?”  I am often clueless as to what he’s saying due to his unusual English dialect and rely more on gestures and pointing and good guesses when conversing with him.  He pointed to the pineapple patch and repeated the cryptic message.  I pondered and came up with “rabbits?”  “Yes, big billow take them rabbages.”  And since he was now pointing up in a tree I’m assuming he actually saw a hawk get the baby rabbits.  Like I said, it’s a jungle out there and everybody has to eat.  But I’m sad because they were so cute and had such a short life.

Scene of the abduction
Scene of the abduction

I raise lots of pineapples in the yard and can’t really eat them all when so many are ripe at once.  The squirrels and rabbits help me out and I guess I don’t mind as long as they leave a few for me.  But something I don’t want them to have is this nice bunch of bananas that is nearly the right size to come ripe.  It’s only a few inches off the ground and I don’t know how to protect it.  I’m glad I have a picture of the bananas, in case that is all I get.  Because it is a jungle, and we all have to eat.

Proof that there were bananas in my yard.
Proof that there were bananas in my yard.

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