brook overflowing
brook overflowing

Last night we all were awakened by a single thunder clap that was awesome in it’s sound level. It was exactly 3:59 a.m.. I always check the time when some singular event occurs just in case it becomes important (I do have a dramatic imagination at times). There was rain after and wind but thankfully, no tornadoes. This morning my nephew and I took a walk over the greenspace surrounding the condos and checked out what the weather had done.

My family’s property is basically a sandy wetlands in a river basin. In wet seasons the area watershed runs right through it making a couple little ponds with streams connecting them. The ground has been soaked in the last couple of weeks by a significant snow melt and plenty of rain so today the water is high, the streams are full and overflowing the walkways and bridges. Canadian geese are swimming over what is normally dry ground. We had to choose our way carefully to avoid wading.

The trees are not leafed out yet – so different from just half a state away. Soon there will be a warm day and all will change quickly. We are hoping for a day to plant the garden, even though there is still danger of frost.

And there has been another change – in our family dynamics. A favorite aunt has passed away yesterday morning. Family is gathering and we will go to a service on Saturday in the southern part of the state. It is one of those times that will be a landmark in our memories, the sadness mixed with the comfort of being together. Into each life some rain must fall, and it does, and it did.

the rain has to go somewhere

the rain has to go somewhere

dandelions, a sure sign of spring
dandelions, a sure sign of spring


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