Happy, not good.

There have been many times when my spiritual parent has demonstrated his point to me by giving me something in the physical realm that is similar to what’s going on spiritually. In the spiritual, he is my parent and I am the child with whom he wants to have a relationship. In the physical, I am a parent with children with whom I want to have a good relationship. What do I want from them? Frequent, meaningful, honest communication. The opportunity to know their needs and respond in love. To bond with them through sharing the highs and the lows of life. I want to know them and I want them to know me. Anything less involves some degree of emotional pain.

Is this a mirror of what my spiritual parent wants from me? Probably so. And seeing it that way gives me a better idea of how to be a happy spiritual child. I say “happy”  instead of “good” because it is not about being good in order to please someone. 

All those things I want from my children are not in order to burden them with obligations that they will feel guilty about if they don’t comply.  I want to know their honest feelings because they will be healthier and wiser about themselves if they express them.  I want to know their needs in case I am able to fill the need. I want to bond with them so they won’t ever feel alone or unknown. I want them to know me so they will realize how much they are like me, how often I have felt what they feel (and survived) and how much I love them. I want these things from them (and for them) so they will be happy, not good. 

Talk (write) to me.

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