A Mysterious Blog Healing

It is so very interesting that for the last two weeks I have been unable to post anything on this blog. The technical problem seems to be gone at the moment but I suppose it could reoccur at any moment – it did once before.  I’m amazed at how it left me not knowing how to get rid of all the things I wanted to say.  I’m no longer inclined to write long hand in a journal, although I suppose I would get used to it again if I had to.  When writing online there is that sense that I am sharing words with a community even though I rarely hear from anyone. I think that increases the cathartic effect.

The week spent in Wisconsin was very worthwhile (and fun) but I’ve almost forgotten what I wanted to write about it. One significant happening was that our family decided to split the costs of one of my brother’s condos, right next to my parents.  It will be available for any of us who want to visit without having to impose on the parents, and for those of us who need more room when we visit for a longer period of time. The husband was with me on this trip and I think we both came away with the feeling that we would like to be up there more often.  We just have to figure out how to extricate ourselves from the workplace without losing our jobs. Might be a problem, but then again…. 

I spent a few days in Gainesville before leaving for Wisconsin. Since getting back, most of the days that I haven’t had to work I’ve been helping the Florida daughter move from Gainesville to Jacksonville. Moving is messy business and no one should have to do it alone. The more help, the better.  Of course Julie worked harder and longer than anyone else but I was glad I got to contribute.  I now have memorized directions to her new house and have a mental picture of her living space (as well as digital pictures).  There is a lot to be said about the place.  Her horses and mine also have new stomping grounds and a nice gentleman cowboy to watch over them as they enjoy his 70 acres of pasture.  Julie has had a couple days of work since moving – a relief for her I’m sure.

And now, perhaps this post is long enough and I should see if I can post a picture without losing the ability to write text.  This is a picture of our first pizza meal at Julie’s new house after a hard day of hauling boxes and furniture. 

fiercely attacking food

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