Good times

My head is pounding, well no, more like being pounded if I’m describing the feeling.  Headaches are never all that much fun but at least they are not a death sentence (now that I think about that I hope it’s not the case…).  I worked last night and didn’t get much sleep, followed by a trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning so I’m not really wondering why I feel a little under par.  The wonderful thing is I am home in my quiet, air-conditioned house with no pressing tasks, so I’m going to hit the recliner for a nap.

But before I do that, I have the irresistable urge to write something because I’ve had a very nice weekend thru Tuesday.  It was Mother’s Day weekend.  I’m never really sure what to expect from these holidays since it seems I often end up celebrating them in atypical ways.  On Sunday I got an early text that was heartwarming to say the least.  A 20-something Mexican man sent me a mother’s day greeting from California that was such a surprise – but then, he is a pretty amazing kid.  His real mother has a gem of a son.  Hope she knows it.  The afternoon brought greeting from both my awesome and highly valued girls.

Another holiday blessing was my evening meal.  I planned it and cooked it myself, but not to feel sorry for me – it was fun.  When I have all afternoon to putter in the kitchen and pay attention to all the details, putting on a dinner is a relaxing delight.  Guests were my aunt and uncle Brennen, and the bachelor Carroll, and our monthly dinner partner Jack.  Jack is always aware of gentlemanly obligations and was trying to make up for my day slaving in the kitchen. He brought me wine, flowers AND candy.

 Doesn’t get much better than that.  And pretty much everything I cooked turned out great.  I was testing a recipe that I’m using for Julie’s graduation on the 25th. It was slow roasted beef brisket.  I was specifically watching Carroll because he often gives up on meat that he can’t chew but he gave it a great score.  I was especially pleased with the dessert – a mango mousse with berry sauce.  Food is such fun when enjoyed at leisure in good company.

Monday’s treat was dinner with my bestest girlfriend at Chiles, followed by the last session of my year long Bible study.  Tuesday’s treat was having the day off and getting to visit another friend that I had wanted to catch up on.  As I was sitting in her home talking with her I got a text that my soon-to-be-graduated-and-looking-for-a-job daughter was in an employment interview.  We have been praying about this possible job for her for several months now and my friend and I put in one last request for a favorable outcome.  Shortly after Julie sent another text confirming the hire.  Wow, what a relief it is to know that she has that big decision behind her.  Lots more uncertainties will fall into place now that we know where she is going and what she will be able to pay for. I am not afraid to give credit to God who has been watching over this process for many years now – Julia Dietz, D.V.M. 

And one last little but marvelous thing. An orchid that I bought a couple years ago which has never bloomed for me, now looks like this.  It is a total surprise because it’s not what I thought I was buying at all.  But it’s so different from all my other orchids that I LOVE it.  

Now to get rid of this annoying headache.

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