A rare picture of me enjoying myself

 It’s a lovely morning in the oneacrewoods.  Water is flying through the air (irrigation) which is still cool, soft, humid. I have spent some time in my outdoor office with my cereal, my books, and my computer. I hoped it might inspire a blog post but no, I got lost in facebook, catching up on comments from my most internet present friends. What a window on the world. And what a study of personalities it would provide (probably is already providing).  What are we revealing about ourselves when we post? What are we needing when we sit and read for hours?  What kind of friendship does facebook provide?  What kind of friendship is it replacing? These are the questions that I’m thinking about more and more as I see what a cultural change this social media has created. I’m not questioning that it has some value.

Last night I went to a party.  Parties are usually difficult for me, as are other group gatherings like concerts.  I often go alone to these kinds of things and am always amazed at how isolated a crowd can make me feel.  Very seldom does the crowd experience enhance my appreciation of an event.  Nevertheless I go to some of these things realizing there is a social obligation that I want to honor, or people that I want to support.  Similar to my facebook persona, I become more of an observer.  I have found that taking pictures is a good way to blend in and pretend that I belong to the event.

The party was a tea for women and girls and for me, it was my Mother’s Day celebration.  It was very well done, with an Alice in Wonderland theme – actually the Mad Hatter was the star and everyone had to wear a hat.  Maybe that was the extra incentive that I had to show up.  How many opportunities to wear a hat does one get? And I had a hat that I like and never get to wear.  The excitement of the evening was something on one of the tables that caught fire and had to be doused with a bottle of water.  Candles are pretty but they are an open flame – just sayin’….

The food was especially beautiful

Excellent tea service

Hats were required

Like I said, the food was beautiful

The Cheshire Cat guarding the M&M’s

Croquet activity

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