One of my favorite pics from Boone Reunion 1984

A favorite subject for me.  I grew up with cousins being the closest of friends. Their visits were always the highlight of the summers and letters were written back and forth during the year.  They are still some of my most special people, on both sides of my family.  I’ve also been thinking of my daughters lately and the relationships they have had and will have in the future with their cousins. They have many things in common because of their ages and their common relatives and heritage. They probably have more in common than they actually know. I hope they continue to forge bonds and share their lives with each other.

I wish we could have had digital cameras back in the “old days” so there would have been more of these cute pictures and they could be shared more easily.  We all deserve to remember some of these times (even if we groan inwardly at some aspects of them…). Julie and Esther, what a priceless pose. And Jonathan and Jamie, love the outfits. And Lissy, already into purses! You all continue to brighten my days and give me much to think about.

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