I Can’t Believe…

I can’t believe how many hours I have spent since 10 pm last night trying to book flights online for the trip to Cambodia. And oh, how many things I have learned that one cannot do in one’s frequent flyer program.  And how many websites do really strange things for hours, then suddenly do what you want them to do even though you haven’t changed anything. I still haven’t figured out why the chosen password consisting of 6 alpha letters and 4 numerals didn’t fit the description of 6-20 alphanumeric symbols.  I am so dismayed when I get a Delta agent on the line asking where I want to go and when told Phnom Penh and given the airport code PNH, she asks how to spell it, then in surprise declares that it’s in Cambodia. Really? Has it ever been someplace else? I don’t expect the average person to know how to spell Phnom Penh, but an airline ticketing agent is something else. You must also consider that she doesn’t have to know how to spell it when all she has to do is choose it from a drop down box. Hmm…. 

I am finally finished though. I was able to get on flights with my group (they got their tickets without me! long story). I am smarter, having done it myself and can now probably handle it alone in the future.  All three of my speaking engagements at church went well and were effective, I was told. I had excellent material to talk on.  Cambodia, here I come.

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