Cleaning the Counter

I’m constantly shuffling papers on my kitchen counter. The mail ends up there, telephone messages, church bulletins, cash register receipts, medication instructions, coupons. I’m just so sick of paper everything. I’m for saving a few trees.
The most frustrating thing during my latest sweep was a product registration form – let’s call it a prf – that gives no clue what the product was.  Evidently we bought something that could be registered. That sounds quasi important doesn’t it?
Well, I wonder what it was??!.
I’m so glad that failure to register it doesn’t affect it’s warranty rights. How can I send it in when it quits working if I don’t know what it is? What if it goes rogue and starts killing people and they won’t be able to notify me of the recall because I haven’t registered my whatever-it-is?
Spanish speaking people buy a lot of these too because it’s a bilingual registration card. How handy. They’re covering all their bases, well, except for telling you what it is you’re registering.
Hmm… in the trash. I’m just sayin’…

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