things I remember, before I forget

I am once again in my own bedroom spending the morning putting things away and trying to sort out necessary tasks after a two week trip.  I am quite behind schedule in writing about anything that happened, and in danger of forgetting a lot of it. In general, it was a good visit and I am glad to have spent the time the way we did.  I trust that relationships that needed updating or strengthening were attended to, although I didn’t get to have in depth conversations with everyone.  When I visit with the goal of spending time with people, I pretty much neglect having time alone.and that would include time to write. Maybe I should try to list the things I remember. (Placement in the list is not based on importance or chronology – just what popped into my mind randomly)

– the weekend in Bayfield that I’ve already written about
– collecting the eggs and admiring the chicken coop
– garage saling with Mom and actually buying 3 pair of nice shoes that fit
– Denny’s glasses flying off his hat and into the water behind the speeding boat
– the rather odd wedding held out behind the barn
– my new smart phone taking a dip in Round Lake
– me taking a dip in Round Lake with Evan and Claire
– watching Claire play soccer
– anxiously wondering whether Gary would pull his arms out trying to slalom start
– coffee/talk time with Mom before anyone else was awake
– donuts in abundance every Saturday morning
– getting to know and apreciate my Aunt Judy a bit more
– again admiring Judy and John’s log house
– sweet corn and tomatoes on a daily basis (good memory)
– walking in the fields (think nature) and the return view (think Walmart)
– freezing green beans, canning peaches with Mary Pat
– the morning hike at hatchery park
– biking the new path around Hayward with MP, Evan, and Rachel
– Evan bringing me Kleenex and water when I was crying
– Gary and I talking, me crying in front of all (feeling ok about that)
– listening to the crazy conversations between my husband and my Dad
– watching progress of Hurricane Isaac for days
– Mother/Daughter day at the Angry Minnow
– family trip to Garmisch for dinner
– seeing cousin Gloria at family brunch (donuts)
– the pleasant drives from and to Minneapolis in the rented Aveo with my husband
– the NutHouse in Siren, a nice stop
– AirTran flies out of the Humphrey terminal, not the Lindbergh, getting it accidentally right
– shopping trips to Walmart, late season bikini choices
– Mom’s presence in the kitchen and faithful attendance to feeding us all
– Denny’s unhurried attendance to multiple functions, soccer coach, grill master, businessman, dad
– almost surprising visits from Bob and Elizabeth, Gary and Tina and people who can’t keep secrets
– Scruffy
– everyone waving goodbye to us, the tortured frog on the driveway
– visiting my eighth grade teacher in the nursing home
– Theresa’s story about the Tom Farnsworth Christmas tree
– being stranded in the middle of Round Lake when the motor quit
– vacuuming with the new Kenmore
– ice cream at West’s Dairy
– shopping at Kaliko with MP and Elizabeth
– family dinner with Michelle, Judith and Susan, lots of hugs
– riding in the golf cart with Dad and Scruffy

I could go on more I guess but the list is sufficiently long to record that I had a memorable trip. 

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