Drinking and Driving

Before I forget, I need to pass on this advice that could be very important, maybe life-saving.  When driving your zero turn lawnmower please keep both hands on the steering handles where they belong. Don’t be fooled by the drink holder, which would suggest that you can have a beverage while mowing the lawn. You can’t.  One hand, one handle, one direction.  Other hand, other handle, other direction. It is not a round steering wheel that can be turned wherever by one hand while the other hand does whatever it wants. Try that and you will leave a very strange mow pattern behind you until you crash into something. These handles determine not only direction but also speed so the very strange mow pattern happens very quickly until you put the drink down and get control again. Trust me.

Or if you insist on using the drink holder while mowing be sure you are in the middle of a large empty space, and drink quickly. (Or just stop the machine, put in park, take a drink.) That’s it. That’s all.

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