Fence Clinger

I do not know what these are but I’ve been walking past them for a couple weeks and finally broke down and took a picture. They are dried and were on a vine on the chain link fence.  Nothing remains to identify the plant but these pretty seed balls.

My life has seemed too busy lately and it’s making me a little desperate.  Today I came home determined to get off my feet and rest a little and I COULDN’T DO IT.  I tried but I was sure there was something urgent that I had planned to do and was not remembering.  So I got up and put clothes in the washer thinking it would help bring it to mind. It didn’t, but I’m glad to have gotten the clothes washed. I think I knew I should write something but I’ve been doing some avoidance behavior and need to get past it.

I gave up and hired someone to help clean up the yard after last week’s wind and rain. It took all of us most of a day to get the tree litter off the lawn and now it’s just in a big pile until I can stuff it in garbage cans and put it out for yard waste collection. It will take several weeks to get it gone because we only have six cans.

Also got the condo paint finished and showed it one more time.  There are 39 steps up to the front door.  I went up and down them 11 times when I cleaned all our tools and supplies out. I am so glad I don’t live there. I make about five trips back into the house every morning for things I’ve forgotten when I’m packing up to go to work – thank you Lord for our attached garage two steps away from the kitchen.

I’m going to think of something very worthwhile to write tomorrow. And then on Wednesday we are going up to have a 4th of July cookout with Julie and whichever friends she can round up. And on Thursday I have a massage scheduled for after work. Mmmmm… need. Friday is haircut day. So you can see it should be a week of taking care of myself and resting a bit. That’s my hope.

Talk (write) to me.

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