Three years ago when I started my present job, my thinking was that it was a very physically active five or six hours each day.  I didn’t really need or want any more exercise.  I could handle a walk once in a while and a weekend workout in the oneacrewoods but other than that, let me rest.  I’m seeing things a little differently now.  I don’t really exercise all of me equally at work – parts of me are beginning to bother.  I’ve always loved dance, rhythm and music so I looked up zumba videos on the internet and ordered The Ten Minute Solution, Fat Blasting Dance Mix.  It came today so I watched it to kind of “get in the mood”.  I got really tired watching those three girls bounce around, sweat and get out of breath so in addition to just watching (not doing) I needed nourishment and ate my rice pudding while watching. I’m starting out in the negative, so to speak.

I’m determined to learn each of the 5 ten minute workout/dance routines if it takes me forever.  The very hardest thing for me whether it’s a video or a class situation is interpretting left and right.  The instructor is speaking left or right, but of course, she is facing those she is speaking to so her moves are visually opposite their left or right.  When I’m trying to concentrate on feet that are going back and forth and hopping I just can’t make a quick translation between what I hear and what I see. Get what I’m saying? I’m sure that if I watch enough times I’ll quit needing to watch so closely and can just have fun with all those really cool moves.  Or I could just do everything in the same direction she is doing it and not listen to what she is saying, which is ok when I’m home alone but very embarrassing in a class full of people who aren’t expecting a contact sport.

whole brood of hungry ducks
 await our arrival

Dennis and I  have been walking lately.  We needed to make some changes in the direction of not being so tired all the time.  Dennis has a sedentary job and at home it’s not much different except for the walk out to the squirrel tree a couple times a day.  I would like to convince him that the couch is our enemy.  So we walk down the road to Plantation Grove where the streets are quiet and do a couple rounds.  It’s not very strenuous, especially when we sit and feed the ducks for ten minutes, but it’s a nice wind down for our day.  Last night I took a bag and we filled it with trash from the roadside which slowed us down even more, but we won’t have to do that every time.

I want this plant.  I take pictures of people’s yards
( and hope not to get arrested. )

I dug out my pedometers and bought new batteries for them.  Our nightly walk is about 4,000 steps.  I think it’s 10,000 steps daily that are recommended for fitness so we’re a little short.  But are you convinced that we are giving healthy exercise a try?  Hold us accountable every now and then!

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