February Goodness: Permission

YesterdayI stepped outside into several inches of new snow. It fell most of the day as well. I also saw that the next seven days were going to be our coldest streak of the winter – staying below zero degrees most of the time. It was as if February was giving me permission to “chill”. So I did.

January and February are our most serious winter months and often have the most severe weather. When I was a child it was with great anticipation that I listened in the dark, pre-dawn hours for the radio announcer to give the school cancellations. Back then -30 degrees was the bench mark for us to stay home, the buses would not be running that day. Or, at least, they wouldn’t be running until it warmed up a little.

I have that same feeling now when I see a blizzard, or a arctic freeze coming. It’s permission to curl up under a blanket, start the fireplace, read more books. Yesterday’s good things were:

A puzzle that got started.

At my house puzzles get covered with plastic. I have a cat.

Knitting projects brought out

At my house knitting has to be kept out of harm’s way. I have a cat.

I made soup. We ate it before I could take a picture. Sorry. It was Lentil Soup.

It was the kind of day that brings relief to the parts of you that have been getting tired (unless you’re the one responsible for shoveling the snow…). It’s okay to get sleepy and take a nap. It’s okay to sit by a window and watch snow fall. Spend a few extra minutes with a cat on your lap. Yesterday February gave permission for those good things.

On the Train

On the Train

Amtrak Cascades, The Birthday Train

After all these years I sit

Once again on the train, the

Birthday train where we who

Have birthdays go to be

Special, hoping to be special

And we are, even if no one knows

But ourselves, we who have

Birthdays and ride

The birthday train.



Yarn everywhere, knitters

Chatting and staring at their

Work. Where do they all

Come from and why are they

Knitting, here on the train

The birthday train, perhaps

It is their birthday. They are

Knitting to feel special. The

Girl who talks loudly and

Sells yarn should go away.


I feel strange not knitting

Instead my yarn is already

Wrapped around me, soft

Black, gray, silvery mauve

My new sweater helping me

Feel special on the train. New

Clothes on the train

The birthday train to Portland

To spend a special day.


Lacking rest, head aching,

Bad coffee, which nearly

Landed in someone’s lap

As I rocked back and forth

The motion of the train both

A comfort and a challenge

breakfast pizza and my

daughter friend wanting to

make new memories of

being special on the train


We are special together

Just because we are here

My daughter and I

Riding on the birthday train.

As it turned out, we were on the Yarn Train. Ladies from a Seattle area knitters guild travel regularly to Portland yarn shops for a day trip. So interesting… Just sayin’.