When I Don’t Have to Wait

It’s a strange, hard world out there. It’s time we fight back with a little fun. I have lots of thoughts on the subject and will be writing about it for the rest of October.

Everywhere we turn these days there is something to wait for. I wait in traffic, at the grocery store, for commercials to quit, for the spooling to stop, for food to be cooked, for my hair to dry, for sleep to come, for the headache to go away. What surprises me though, is that I find myself waiting for things I don’t have to wait for – out of habit, I guess. It is a habit I am setting out to conquer.

On this beautiful evening, calm, warm enough to sit outside, I’m not waiting to light a fire in my Solo Stove. Making fire (small and controlled) and watching the flames has always been fun for me so I followed the fun and started my fire. I knew I would love this little fire pit, but I can see that if I waited for others to come enjoy it with me, I would not be getting much use out of it. I do like to invite others to sit around the fire, but that usually involves some planning ahead. When it’s only me, I could be doing it any night when the weather is nice, even without a plan. Why wait?

Waiting can be a good thing, right? Why? Because I have to let the people in line before me go first (unless I want to get thrown out of the store…). Because the food tastes better when it’s cooked long enough. Because things work out better when I match my desires with right timing, right circumstances, right preparedness. I learn that patience is a good thing and I learn patience by having to wait.

But what about not waiting? You see, I’m learning that I won’t have much fun if I wait for it to happen by itself. I’ve spent my share of time feeling sorry for myself, wising I was having fun, being pitiful. I can decide to have fun, sometimes with others, but even when I’m alone. Often that is my only choice. I have a ready list of those things I enjoy doing, because everything in life goes better with fun mixed into it. It’s medicine really.

And honestly, fun is a huge part of my faith life, my life with God. I’m not sure I’ve ever read the word “fun” in the Bible, but I have seen “pleasure” and “enjoy”which are probably about the same thing. I can’t imagine the abundant life that God says he wants me to have, without it also being fun. I feel it in my heart, God is in favor of fun.

All this to say that it’s a good night out here on the patio. There’s work to do inside the house, which I’m not doing. I’m alone with my writing pad and my cup of tea, watching a warm, glowing fire. No guilt, no regrets. I’m having fun and fun is good. (Wish you were here…)

Letter to My Daughters on Valentine’s Day


First of all, I know that this day has taken on new meaning in our culture mostly because of business and marketing.  How completely wrong that there are people who will feel sad and less valued because they didn’t get a bouquet of roses or some candy or a card (from someone who felt obligated to do it whether they wanted to or not…).

Although both of you lovely women might get a gift or two, you both also feel a lack in your life when it comes to the relationships our society idolizes.  I want you to be able to see through the hype thrown at you, that sneaks in and lingers in the shadows in your mind – that voice that says…

you are less,

you are flawed,

you are boring,

you are not ready,

you are never,

you are not…

In reality you are beautiful young women who are brave enough to be alone if need be.  You are proving it by being alone now.  If you were less strong, less committed to your ideals, less in tune with who God made you to be, you could be in a so called “relationship” even now.  But getting a gift on February 14th doesn’t necessarily mean you are truly loved with constancy, faithfulness, sacrifice, and without conditions.  No love on earth gives you that line up.

Meanwhile you have a treasure trove of people who love and value you for who you have been, who you are now and who you will be.  Even more important you have a Creator who knows you better than all these others and who knows the shortest route to your ultimate happiness.  Hard to believe at times? Yes.  But you are on that route – it’s called life in Christ. It’s marked by lessons in trust that are often hard and seem never to have an end.  But you will be taken care of in difficulty and you will benefit from each and every hard thing and they will create an even more beautiful you.  It happens faster when you realize that’s the purpose and get to that place of gratitude.

Happy Valentine’s Day daughters, and remember…

You are more than you sometimes feel you are.

You are on your way to perfection.

You are fascinating.

You are ready for whatever is next, with God’s help.

You are always in His view and his planning.

You are a daughter of someone called The Eternal “I Am”.