Art in Building Relationship

It helps to have a loose definition of “art”. Mine is “anything I like to look at”.

My daughters have always shown interest in artistic pursuits, from painting and drawing to writing poetry and stories. I like to think their early attempts showed promise, and I have kept quite a few of them to frame.

But now that they are working adults, I’m lucky to get time with them looking at other people’s art. Even that is a great way to spend time together and gets us talking, and finding out surprising things about likes and dislikes. Something as simple as sharing a great pic online or on my phone is using art to enhance a relationship.

I saw this cutie in J’s yard this week and had fun showing it to the family. Seriously, I would print and frame this. Art, right?

You don’t have to live in a metropolitan area full of museums and art shows to do this. I am now in a small town in northern Wisconsin and we have art walks, a “touristy” shop featuring local art, and small collections of great art in some of our major buildings – like the hospital and medical clinic. And of course there is the outdoors, where art is everywhere for the camera to find.

This stack of fabric is an art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. I have something almost like this in my sewing stash.

One of my memorable outings was to a museum in Seattle with my daughter E. This was probably during one of our April birthday week celebrations and what I saw there stretched my definition of “art” in some fun ways. Actually, walking around E’s house and seeing what she likes to look at is also quite fun, and stretching.

Some of my “faves” at E’s house give me clues to her minimalistic longings and the whimsical side of humor.

I’m thinking, lately, of what my art says about me. And what I would like it to say…

DaVinci Dating

For a couple months now the husband and I have been trying to revive dating as a regular practice. It’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re at the stage of life where staying home is really, well, kind of fun. But we try. The husband compromises and goes to movies with me. I compromise and go to things that catch his attention while watching TV commercials.  It was a commercial for the Diiscover DaVinci exhibit that prompted this particular date. “I want to go to that.” was all he had to say to make me rush back to the half price Groupon I had recently deleted and snatch us some tickets.  Finding a way to do it at a discount is almost like a message from God that it’s meant to be, in my eyes.

After a couple weeks wondering when to do it, on the last day of the exhibit, we set out in the morning – because it certainly wouldn’t be crowded then, right? No, wrong.  There was a good crowd already in the one room auditorium.  We got our wrist bands for all day admittance and started with an overview movie that was being shown on the stage.  One of the guided tours that was just finishing was louder than the movie narration (did I mention it was a one room exhibit?) so my eyes were on a different script than my ears – but it was all about DaVinci, so who cares?Read More »