April Blogging Challenge

Yes, it’s soon April and I’m so glad we only have 26 letters in our alphabet.

April is not only the month for the A to Z Challenge. In my world, it is also birthday month for me and one of my daughters. Other years we have celebrated by getting together the week of our special dates, but this year it is not working out for us. Instead I am going to be writing about all the ways we have spent quality time together celebrating anything and everything. I am also adding my other daughter and experiences I’ve had with her to my list of stories.

The three of us are pretty good at family adventures. The progression of hair colors is not chronological, just thought I would mention that…

This year it will be challenging, as the title suggests, not just because it requires almost daily posting, but also because I have to search for photos on multiple thumb drives, computers and places in the cloud. And I have not done posts ahead as in other years. And I will be traveling away from home much of the time. And doesn’t it seem that thing in general are a little more challenging these days? (“Stop listening to the news and looking at your phone!” I tell myself frequently.)

My hope is that these stories will nudge people to find ways to enjoy their valued relationships with their adult children, their life partners, and their friends. The pandemic has us starving for time with each other and now is the time to be creative in growing relationships in any way we can.

Here’s hoping you will join me for a month of looking back on fun, and getting ideas to chase fun into the future. Thanks readers!

4 thoughts on “April Blogging Challenge

  1. Shirley, I just found your blog by looking at your profile on the Ambassador College site. First of all my name is Mary Doyle from the class of ’71. I did not graduate since I got my Mrs. before that happened. I’ve read your entries through February 2022. I have several questions/comments. Your profile says you live in Florida…well, obviously you’re not sking in Florida. So where are you living now? I noticed you have a daughter living in Gibsonville, NC. I grew up in Burlington, NC which is nearby. Like you, I would describe myself as an introvert, calm, and enjoy being helpful. I no longer hold to the beliefs of WCG, but have found a better way through the grace of God and am enjoying my relationship with Him. I am a widow since 2015. The pandemic has caused me to refrain from a whole series of activities with which I was previously involved…. enough for now. Write when you want to.

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