Help Me Be Determined

So what exactly does that mean, helping someone (me) to be determined? I guess it’s another way of describing the call for accountability. I am at my top weight ever, and I am determined it will not go higher. Having some watchful eyes on my efforts might just help.

There is something about the start of a new month that inspires me. A month is a long enough time to establish a habit and really make a difference. December is a new month, or at least it was five days ago. I dusted off the treadmill and took a walk, and it felt okay. I did the same thing at the same time on December 2 and 3. I want to do this at least five days each week, and maybe get in a pleasure walk outside a couple of times too. Outside = pleasure, treadmill = not pleasure, for me. But I can make it work. I have to make it work. When I’m at my top weight, my blood pressure starts to go up and since there is a family history of hypertension, I am being scared into action.

December is a great month to do something for health’s sake. I know, it’s a holiday month and for many that means holiday food is everywhere, but this year might be different. Pandemic December is not ordinary December. Why wait until New Years Day to start a project that could eventually save my life?

Is anyone else doing something different this year, something that is good for you? Getting more sleep, eating more vegetables, intentionally pursuing good humor, daily brain stimulation, learning something new, doing good deeds? Not everything, just one thing. That’s what I want to do, and I’d love to be held accountable through the month of December, as I share progress here. Help me.

I promise to faithfully share this screen (Samsung health app) no matter how much it embarrasses me. Goal talk coming tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Help Me Be Determined

  1. You’ve got this!! I have high cholesterol that I have been dealing with for probably 10 years. I DO NOT want to take a statin. I get it checked every 6 months – it’s over 300 then I’m diligent and eat right and it’s down below 300 the next testing. then it goes back up. so in July it was over 300 (pandemic and grandchildren living with me now) so with that still on and me not being diligent with diet or supplements, I assumed it would still be the same or higher and had entertained the thought of starting a statin. To my shock, it was below 300 (I HAD added citrus bergamot to my supplement régime) and I had told God – please make it clear what I needed to do. So NOW, since it was down below 300 again, I am getting back on my diet and supplements regulated to see if I can drop it again even more in June (I don’t wait for new years resolutions at any time). It’s a daily struggle, sometime I think maybe I should go on a statin so I can eat whatever I want but then I know what I want to eat isn’t really good for me no matter how yummy it tastes. So back on the cholesterol free treadmill………but at least I live somewhere that I can get outside even during the colder months….but spring is just around the corner, so hang in there.

  2. Oh yes, I know the feeling. I, too, am struggling with not only weight but lack of activity that makes me sluggish. I started back on my 10,000 steps regime and getting to 7,000 steps each day is a bit of a challenge. Guess I have a long way to do. Diet wise I will hold off till after the holidays. Although I am heavier than a year ago, I am better at focusing on activity rather than diet. haha! Good luck and I will be cheering you on.

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