Yes, It Hurts


A good part of my life has revolved around music and playing the piano. For a few years I even taught beginning piano students and had a studio in my home. A friend and I were pianists for our church as well. Many times she would say “You play today. I can’t do it very well when it hurts this much.” I was in early stages of arthritis in my fingers as well, but I couldn’t imagine how the hurt could be bad enough to keep me from playing. Playing piano didn’t hurt at all, really.

Now, I get it. The last couple of months have been the worst ever. I’ve had flares at times when one or two joints would swell with inflammation and be tender, but lately it’s more than that. My left thumb is the upcoming surgery site, but the right hand is equally painful in the fingers, not the thumb. One finger is swollen so much that I had to go to a jeweler and have the ring cut off of it. Almost everything I do with my hands has some degree of pain associated with it.

I’ve read that the 50% of the hand’s work is done by the thumb. My left hand knows that very well because it’s pretty much useless for holding on to anything that requires thumb opposition. But fingers are so important too. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are good surgical fixes for finger joints. Right now it hurts to:

⁃ manipulate, or lift pots and pans in the kitchen. They are heavy and have to be grasped.

⁃ Fold laundry, especially little movements like turning socks right side out.

⁃ Put on socks and shoes, especially pulling ties tight or pulling zippers on boots

⁃ Hold small objects tightly, goodbye any kind of handwork

⁃ Type, even on sensitive keyboards like my iPad

⁃ Pull the sheets and blankets when making my bed

⁃ Open lids of jars, milk and juice cartons. Most any kind of packaging is not my friend.

Most of the time I plow through these activities anyway because the pain of movement is short lived. But I have progressed into a different stage now where pain occurs out of nowhere, without movement. It is more constant and has a “burning” nature. All of this just emphasizes to me how important hands are to life.

I’m sure having my left thumb fixed will eventually make things better. My doctor said that I will hate her for the first post-op month, dislike her for the second month, and thank her after the third. Reports also say that this surgery is long lasting with good function up to twenty years later. So the countdown continues, five more days.

8 thoughts on “Yes, It Hurts

  1. I’m so sorry you are dealing with arthritis in your hands! Although my hands are disfigured and awkward with small items I virtually experience no PAIN! I knit and crochet and use my hands like I always have! However I beleive Ive more than made up with my back pain. I’ll be praying that your surgery is a success and that the recovery will be fast and complete. Love , Lorie

    • This more severe pain is a very recent thing and it is upsetting, but I can’t even imagine what you are experiencing. I am so sorry that things have gone awry with your back. I know you had hopes for much better. Praying for you as well.

      • Yes, amazing how our bodies wear out before we are emotionally and physically ready to accept the fact. I still have hope that I will have a reasonable restoration of activity and am actually ready to accept being unable to do everything I use to do. However managing 24/7 pain is a whole different battle that I’m still fighting. Prayer is powerful…so I appreciate all those who petition the Lord on my behalf. It’s all I can do to support you as well. ❤

  2. So sorry about your hands. Arthritis is very painful. Have you considered using the war wax treatment to soak your hands in I hear it helps.

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