Two Lives


Tonight we fall asleep with the scent of newly mown hay. The meadow and the field outside by the road were cut today by a nearby farmer who rents the field. The waist high grass and clover are down and hopefully have a dry day tomorrow to prepare for baling.

I have two separate and very different lives.

In one of them, I am single and living in a nice condo with my cat Shadow. I live next to my mom and close to my brother and sister-in-law. I work in the garden pulling weeds and planting vegetables. I walk the surrounding wetlands and take pictures of geese. I work twice a week at my brother’s business where I edit and sometimes write in his business blog and clean and empty trash. I grocery shop, wash clothes and all those ordinary things.

Today, in my single life, I laid out a jigsaw puzzle, turning all 1,000 pieces right side up and putting together the edges. I watered the petunias and talked with my Mom

In my other life I am married to Dennis (the husband) and I live in Smith Meadow in a travel trailer. I light candles and use flashlights to see at night since there is no electricity. I carry water from town in plastic jugs since there is no well. There isn’t an outhouse either so it’s a good thing I know how to dig holes and bury. I have a propane heater borrowed from my brother that I can fire up if it gets too cold at night. And (very important) I have another small camp stove to heat water for my morning coffee.

Our perishable food is in a cooler and I replenish the ice almost daily. I take a couple trips into town every day. I shop for things we need. I bring my husband liver and onions from the local restaurant. He isn’t well and this place is where he feels safe for the time being. Today I brought a trimmer out, cut tall grass around the trailer and tried to trim branches that were rubbing on the roof. I took a walk in the woods. And tonight I’m smelling new mown hay.

4 thoughts on “Two Lives

  1. I love the smell of fresh mown hay. My neighbor keeps my fields mowed. I hit the jackpot when it comes to neighbors!
    Camping out can be fun…but I know once we bought a motorhome camping didn’t have the same appeal. I am trying to relate to what you are dealing with now…and I can but in a very different way. Being a care giver has it’s rewards yet it is hard physically and emotionally. I know you will take care of yourself…but will add that it’s hard for Dennis too.
    I”ll add you and Dennis to my prayers…
    I love you,
    Cousin Lorie

    • Thanks. I know you have the experience to speak into my situation. There are so many fluctuations in LBD that I never know what the next hour will bring, so it’s one minute at a time. It is so hard on Dennis, and he can’t help it.

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