Who Indeed?

A post written in five minutes on the prompt “who” for Five Minute Friday.  Check it out if you want some inspiration to write. 


adult beard casual cellphone
I’m sorry but I don’t think  you’re my grandson (that I’ve had never). Photo by Oscar Mikols on Pexels.com


For the first time ever, I have gotten a call from someone calling me Grandma. “Who are you?” I asked.

“I am your grandson.” He said, in a masculine adult voice.

“Oh, really? I don’t have any grandsons. Would you like to try another approach?” Click.

I can hardly believe that anyone would take the time necessary to make calls to scores of people, hoping to find one gullible person who actually has a grandson of a certain age. They hope to find someone who doesn’t even recognize their grandson’s voice or know his circumstances. I imagine if our conversation would have gone on longer I would have heard a story that ended with the need for funds being sent. But who does these things, and who is so confused that they respond to them and send them money? Inconceivable (at least for me.) Who?  Just sayin’…

4 thoughts on “Who Indeed?

  1. That’s a good question. Friends, neighbors and familues need to be aware and available for our elders.

  2. I hate those calls. My husband was getting calls from his father (not the same name so one could not say it was a senior junior mistake). His dad has been dead for 30 years! Creepy

  3. Whoa, that’s a little unnerving! I’ve never had that happen to me. Since my grandson is only 17 months old, I’d have a hard time believing the caller! 😉 Great post! Visiting you from the FMF Linkup! (#38 this week)

  4. What a weird phone call! You really wonder, who falls for these ridiculous scams anyways? Guess it takes just one to make it worthwhile?
    Visiting from FMF this week at #35

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