#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things P


Having the right purse can literally save your life. Think about it.

I’m aware that purses are a big fashion statement, and I get that. They are so visible and such a everyday attachment on people’s arms or shoulders so they should look nice. But more than that, a purse that makes available what you need at a given moment, quickly and efficiently, is sent from God, a rare blessing. I keep trying to find one.

My leather Nordstrom purse, gifted to me, which I have used nearly to death.

A couple of my purses are probably expensive, I don’t know because they were gifts. Being leather has made them last a long time, 10 years or more, and they are just now starting to look shabby. When I buy my own purses I don’t pay over $50, often I don’t pay more than $20, and sometimes I make them myself. What seems to be more important to me than cost is size and configuration.

Just to prove looks aren’t everything… my totally functional $12 travel purse.

One of the handiest ones I’ve had is an army grey canvas cross body bag, small in size but it has surprised me how adequate it is when I am traveling. I can hide it under my sweater when I’m on a flight and don’t have to go digging under the seat every time I want a pen or my chapstick. It has an easy access for my phone and two zippered pockets for things I don’t want falling out. When I need money or my ID they are in front within inches of my hands. It’s nothing special to look at, but maybe that’s a good thing.

I’m less of a minimalist when I’m not traveling. I like to have room for a back-up battery, cosmetics, sunglasses, books, a bigger wallet and just odd stuff (things the husband doesn’t want to carry…) lots of it.  These bigger bags are prone to problems. They either have too many pockets, making it hard to remember where things are, or they have only one big compartment where everything gets mixed up. I end up having to dump it all out to find one thing. Every purse is an individual, having some good characteristics and some annoying ones.

Which brings me to the reason I keep so many purses. I like to change up my purse problems every now and then. It is refreshing after a week or two of hunting for car keys, to change to a purse that has one key pocket. Period. There they are.  I don’t have to have a purse to go with an outfit or my shoes because purses are pretty much their own show. I can change them just for fun and variety. I keep thinking I won’t buy another one… and then I see an interesting design and I have to find out how it will work.

I have to buy purses in Cambodia – such interesting choices. Crochet one is handmade by acid burn victims. I really like it.
Another oldie, my Harvey Seat Belt bag, is one of my absolute favorites. It’s so shallow everything in it is visible and easy to find.
My new birthday purse seems to be a good size, and my key hook is easy to see.

Do you think man bags are ever going to catch on? I keep hoping.

18 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things P

  1. I love the seatbelt purse! That’s awesome! I found a purse at a thrift store that I wanted to use while travelling and at one of my daughter’s dance competition. It was great! The girls were calling it my Mary Poppins purse, since I was easily able to carry an extra pair of shorts & a tshirt, my program, a pair of dance shoes & a couple bottles of water, besides my wallet and her makeup! I didn’t try to fit a bottle of wine in there tho….. 🙂
    Lisa / Tales from the Love Shaque

    • And why not? (the wine). I have a Mary Poppins backpack but it has to go under the seat when I fly. Sounds like you’re giving a great bag a second life. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Coming over from the A To Z…I do love that green purse:) I love that quilted one too. I have spent, the most $25 for a Purse. Actually I got some great comments on a purse that cost me $5. I have to find something to always make it easier to find my keys. I wish man bags would be more popular like they are in Europe and Asia that way they wouldn’t be losing their wallet all the time

  3. What a wonderful collection of purses! I’ve never thought about it quite that way, but I’m definitely in your camp of changing purses to change problems. I’ve got some fabulous felted bags and woven basket purses that when I’m not using I keep hanging off doorknobs so I can delight in them constantly.

    • And as someone has pointed out, it is why men often lose their wallets, and wear holes in all their pockets, and get sciatica from the lump constantly on their backside. But, of course, keep doing all that. No problem. Purses aren’t perfect either. LOL.

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