How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I come from a long line of coffee lovers, but our numbers are diminishing. It seems like aging reduces one’s ability to tolerate the beverage. But for those of us who still enjoy it, this post will be entertaining and probably helpful in some way as we think about future cups of coffee we will savor…

One thought on “How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

  1. […] My recent post on coffee was reblogged from James Radcliffe and in describing the perfect cup of coffee that he had made, he mentioned that he uses a hand grinder to grind the beans.  Tonight, I got a text from the husband telling me that he found a coffee grinder outside our door.  He didn’t know who it was from at first but did notice a card in it a little later.  I LOVE SURPRISES! And I didn’t have a hand coffee grinder.  I can’t wait to have that next cup of coffee with hand ground beans!  Thank you JCB, Cracker Poemer, for reading and following up with a fun surprise that made my day, just sayin’… […]

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