Where in my mind am I?

I was very tired last night.  I fell asleep in the chair watching tv and decided it was crazy to waste sleepiness on a chair.  I would go to bed where I so often wish I was sleepy and am not.  I got ready for bed and got in, turned out the light.  As I was lying there and my body was getting numb to it’s surroundings, as I lay quietly behind my closed eyelids waiting for sleep, I suddenly could not remember whether I was in the chair thinking about being in bed, or in bed thinking about being in the chair. Weird things happen in that space between awake and asleep.

The worst part was, I had to get up and go write down what it was like because I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t.  By then I was wide awake again and stayed up too late like usual.  The mind is a crazy place, just sayin’…

Anything like that ever happen to you?

It started here, in my chair.

4 thoughts on “Where in my mind am I?

  1. That is so funny that I should read your story this morning because last night I woke in the middle of the night (actually I was still dreaming but in my dream I woke up in bed) and I could hear people laughing and talking in my Den. It was very creepy. I laid there in the dark listening and then I could hear a baby crying so I decided I should check it out even though I was quite freaked out. I got up, went into the hall and flicked on the light but it didn’t come on. I then walked down the hall in the dark to the dining room, still hearing people and VERY freaked out at this point but I actually thought to myself “if this light doesn’t come on also then I know I’m in a dream”. I tried the light but it did not come on so I just went back down the hall to my bedroom, got in bed and went back to sleep (in my dream). How weird is that!

    • Yes! I’ve had dreams like that too. The remarkable thing is that we can have a rational thought in the middle of the dream that helps us work through it. I can even back up and make a new ending that scares me less (sometimes).

  2. I just can’t believe you had the fortitude to get out of bed to jot your thoughts down…once I am in bed there is almost nothing that convince me to leave 😉

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