A to Z Challenge: A Q Word, Quilt

a log cabin pattern
a log cabin pattern

I’m a collector of cloth.  When a pair of jeans is no longer wearable, I cut the legs off and save the good denim pieces. I save scraps from all the garments I make for myself and others. I find cloth at garage sales. Some of the most interesting pieces come from men’s shirts (really!).  I know that if I don’t have enough cloth to make even a small garment, I can make a quilt. One winter I took some of my favorite cloth prints and made squares in the log cabin pattern.  When I had enough of them, my aunt Helen helped me decide how to place them together.

This quilt became a tablecloth.  Most of the cloth was left from a dress of mine (the darkest blue), some dresses I made for the girls (the blue and white prints), a skirt that I recycled (dark blue plaid), a few men’s shirts and assorted scraps, and a red print that I bought new just for the quilt. Since it’s kind of a patriotic color theme I use it in the summer over Memorial Day through July 4th. Every time I look at it I remember the dresses, the shirts and the people who wore them.  So, you see, I have several reasons for loving this item.

tablecloth of memories
tablecloth of memories

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: A Q Word, Quilt

  1. I love this. I’m not a quilter–nowhere near the patience and attention to detail–but family members are. My Mom used to also turn old clothes into hooked rug or braided rag rugs. I still have the urge to save fabric, though–and I do use some,in odd projects or repairs.
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  2. My mother is also a “collector of cloth”. What lovely things can be made from scraps–kind of like what God does with the scraps of our lives.

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