Fire, fire

Last night I was finished with supper dishes and decided to take advantage of the long evening and work outside.  It is a bit cooler too, although 82 degrees might not seem cool to some.  In fact it was so pleasant that I’m considering putting lights outside so I can always work in the dark too.  There are a lot of places that need attention in the oneacrewoods and I don’t have enough daylight time to get to them when I am working my job away.  I

I picked seven pineapples of good size.  They are not completely ripe but sweet enough to eat and I need to get them before the fruit rats do. The rascals got two of them already and that’s all they’ll get. In one particularly fertile spot the pineapple plants not only fruited but also produced baby plants from the main stalk, sometimes three or four of them.  At this rate, if I planted them all, I could go into business in a year or so. 

After pulling weeds and propping up frangipani trees it was still not completely dark so I decided to burn my brush pile.  It had been growing and “curing” by the firepit for months and was getting intrusive on the lawn.  I love to make fire.  I burned it all.  It was dark enough by that time that the reflection of the fire on the lanai window made it look like the husband’s favorite chair inside the house was burning up.  Odd – I had to take the picture.

Chair on fire – she loves to burn things


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