"those who live quietly in the land"

A phrase from a book I’m reading, “those who live quietly in the land”, and I’m wondering if that is me.  I have my own brand of adventure and I do challenge my limits from time to time just to see if they’re still there, but overall I am kind of quiet.  I abhorr politics, arguing with people, or even watching other people argue with each other.  There is something about the tone of voice people take on in those instances which makes me want to run away and be quiet. I would rather just listen to the silliest person on earth than try to argue them out of their position. 

There are those who “live loudly in the land” and probably influence the opinions of millions of listeners.  Most of my opinions are formed in the garden while pulling weeds or by myself, reading, or one on one with someone who has the time to speak into my problems.  I love listening to quiet.  It has a wonderful calming effect.  I am not Oprah, or Hillary or Beth Moore or Dana or Condi or…  and that is probably not going to change anytime soon. I am asked to be content with who I am.  I’m just saying there are times when I wonder why I am not a stronger voice for the things I hold precious.

Talk (write) to me.

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