Today’s Thoughts

I thought of several things today that I could hardly wait to write about, but now that I have the time, I can’t remember what they were.  I know if I sat here long enough I would think of them, but since I have to go to work in the morning, getting to bed right about now is kind of important.  It was a good day.  I had a list and crossed a bunch of things off.  I have a couple more days off this week – Thursday and Friday – and then the weekend, but I think I will go help Julie pack again.  Her household is going into boxes in anticipation of the place God is going to provide, soon, we hope. If I give her three more days it should be nearly done.

 And at home I will need to get ready for our own departure for a week in Wisconsin.  I am looking for a house sitter/cat feeder person but haven’t found anyone yet. And someone will have to mow the grass because it is growing fast now. I am looking forward to our family reunion and having happy anticipation already as I prepare.  Next Tuesday we will meet up with Julie in Atlanta and share the same flight up to Minneapolis.  Esther and Jonathan will join our group in Hayward on Thursday. All my brothers will be there and many of their children, and of course, my mom and dad. 

One thing I might mention about my ongoing adventure with God.  It’s funny how I complain (mentally) about going to work and am always wishing I could stay home. It’s even to the point where I pray for something to change for me. And then when something does change – like my hours being cut this week – I start to panic and wonder if I’ll have enough money. (It seems that money is very useful for good things that I want to do and wonder if I can afford).  I need to be very careful what I pray for and not be surprised when I get it.

I heard something worth remembering about all that.  God is my provider.  Sometimes he does it through a job but he certainly isn’t limited to that.  I’d better not be worrying about it when God answers my prayer for less hard work.  He will still provide for whatever he wants me to do.  That whole realization helped me enjoy the time off today and will help me fend off the anxious thoughts about the rest of the month and having only three days pay until July rolls around. And I’m not saying that it will just help me feel better. I’m saying it will help because God is a provider, he cares and he will do something, something good.

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