A Normal Day?

I hear it a lot “if things would only get back to normal”, and I’m wondering how many of something it takes to make that thing the normal thing.  Do we know? 

I guess my normal day is one in which nothing special is happening. And you would think that I would have more of those days than any other, which is why they would be called normal.  But they are actually quite rare. I love normal days. I don’t have to remember any appointments, don’t have to make any tedious trips doing errands, don’t have any big expenses or serious illnesses or awful circumstances to deal with, no craziness at work, no storms, no embarrassing mistakes. Just a nice, normal day.  I had one today, although work was not totally normal but close enough.

I didn’t feel well yesterday which was not normal. I had a headache that got worse after I tried to nap it away. It felt better to sit up than lie down so I watched television for hours while doing 5 loads of laundry, both of which are not normal activities for me. Today I feel much better so far, much more normal.  We had a beautiful, very seasonally normal rain shower this afternoon.  I took a lovely bike ride on my new old bike. I’m a bit sweaty, but overall very relaxed and this is how I would like normal to be.  However, even as I say this, I am expecting any number of unusual things to possibly happen.  Life is absolutely full of the surprising, exciting, challenging, freaky, and often exasperating abnormal.  And we would be bored if it were not, just sayin…


Not so normal

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