Tikki Hut

I’m not really sure if tikki is spelled with two k’s – doesn’t matter either. A place with a grass roof and open sides, usually on the beach. We just had a walk along the river in Bradenton which ended at a place such as this and since we were hot and thirsty we sat down in a shady place with a nice breeze and cooled our heels. It was lovely. I will probably remember it for a long time.

Although it seems that I do forget some of our past adventures and need help recalling them.  It is a very strange feeling when someone is describing some boat ride, for instance, that I supposedly arranged with some friend that I cannot recall at a family reunion. Would I not remember this? I did eventually figure out what it was as Julie began naming possible friends from the past. Things do come back if you have something or someone to jog your memory. That is why it is good to record some of the most precious moments (and we never know which ordinary moment will turn out to be precious, do we?). I’m just sayin’ you should get out your camera now and take a few pictures. Do it now. 

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