Happy, not worried

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m not the only one who does this either.  There’s something about having company come, overnight guests, that makes people think of having to be perfectly prepared. Of course, most visitors would expect a clean bed, and maybe a neat bedroom.  But what about the inside of the microwave, the dust on the top of the bookcase, a dead house plant here and there, maybe a few cat hairs on the recliner?

And even more ridiculous, it’s my parents who are coming. They don’t know what I’m like? I lived with them for 18 years and really haven’t changed a whole lot as far as my cleanliness standards go. I’ve decided to treat it kind of like a spot on my favorite shirt – instead of not wearing it and throwing it in the laundry I pretend it just happened since putting it on, and what can I do? After the parents are here for a couple hours they won’t know whether the dirt was here before they came or if it appeared since and belongs to them. It will be evening and I can keep the lights low. I’ll put flowers in their bedroom to distract them. 

And ultimately, would they want me to obsess about housework and make myself miserable? No they would not! They want pure happiness and me, in good health and rested, so I can enjoy their visit. None of this wearing myself out with floor scrubbing. Instead I am eating popcorn and writing in my blog.

There won’t be much time tomorrow after they get here so we’ll have supper and get them to bed as early as needed – travel days are a little stressful.  Tuesday will be the day for my dad to visit with his sister and her husband before they head back north for the summer.  They will be here for breakfast and supper – a fun day of eating and relaxing.  Wednesday we’ll be gathering things together for a graduation celebration on Saturday.  In the afternoon we’ll go boating on the intercoastal waterway and have a picnic supper – a fun evening of eating and relaxing. Thursday, we’ll travel to Gainesville where the graduation will take place.  Probably more eating and relaxing.  Friday night there will be an award banquet that the husband and daughter Julie are attending – yes, more eating and relaxing.  And Saturday after the grad ceremony we’ll all gather at Julie’s house and eat and relax with her friends.  Are you getting the subliminal theme of the week (eat and relax, eat and relax…) So you see, I haven’t been scrubbing floors but look at all the stuff I’ve been planning! I’m awesome! 

Ok, so I did clean inside the microwave (looks nice huh?). But I didn’t scrub the floor.

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