Queen for a Day

Once again I am sitting in front of my computer with my 22 oz. of Kozy Shack gluten free Original Rice Pudding wondering where the week went.  Last weekend was so busy with music that there was harldy time for anything else. We had OneConcert again which took all Sunday afternoon and evening.  It was so much fun and to me it was energizing.  I got the husband involved this time with his trumpet and he got all kinds of kudos and gushing compliments. 

This weekend is looking good too, but with things of a different nature. First of all (except for my rice pudding which was treat #1) I got to come home to a cleaner house today.  My sweet friend Zenaida came to dust and clean floors while I was gone and it smelled so good when I walked in  – the Murphy’s Oil Soap, I think. I thought I was hiring her but she didn’t want the money (which planet is she from!?) As I said, she is so good to me.  Next, I get to go out for supper tonight! No cooking for this lady.  It’s our almost monthly night out with Jack and we are going up to a restaurant on the river to relax and have dinner. He is paying this month.  Jack is one of those guys who always wants to offer a cocktail, appetizers, wine, coffee and dessert as well as the meal so I end up feeling like a queen or something. Oh, he even picks us up. How wild is that?  For my next treat I am getting up at 7:30 in the morning and going for a massage.  I know it’s kind of an unusual hour but I’ll feel good all day because of it.  I hope to accomplish at least five or six important things with the rest of my Saturday, and with my Sunday too.  I absolutely love weekends!

Would you please be amazed at my clean, shiny floor!

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