Yes, We Celebrated

I am thankful for the country I live in, the freedom that is allowed to me, the ability to travel and be with family. There is much to celebrate every day, but particularly on July 4th.

The daughter in vet school got back from Ecuador one of the first days of July and we asked if she would like us to come to her house for the 4th and catch up on her news.  She was pretty enthusiastic about the plan which made me feel good.  She is often so busy, stressed and unavailable (not always by her own choice) that it’s difficult for her to have company.  We drove up on Tuesday night and each took a couch to sleep on.  Wednesday, the 4th of July, the first thing on the list, after morning coffee, was spending some time with the horses.  Julie is trying really hard to keep me interested in my horse. Of course, she is interested in her horses too, but especially when I am there she tries to plan a ride for us. It was a beautiful morning, fairly cool in the woods where we rode and there was no reason to run so we didn’t.  I spent a little extra time untangling Andy’s mane and tail and whispering horse things in his ear afterwards. Mission accomplished.

There were others invited to join us for our cookout later in the afternoon so we did the obligatory house cleaning and food fixing. And then it was time for the other “activity” Julie had planned – playing hair salon.  I don’t know what made her think her mother could put highlights and lowlights in her hair. It was probably the video that made it look like a five year old could do it.  Let me tell you, if you haven’t had a lot of practice painting bleach on hair and then wrapping it in pieces of foil, it is hard to do and you are going to wish you had three arms, maybe four. I did what I could (me, who barely combs her own hair) but I was worried I might have done damage to our relationship, or her hair, or both. I found out later from my hairdresser that I needn’t have worried because not much color change takes place unless you take off any previous coloring first. Julie was gracious through the whole thing, for which I am grateful.

The burgers were good, the company was good, the afternoon and evening went quickly.  We left for home and got to sleep around midnight, hoping to be ready for work the next day. The only fireworks we saw were taking place here and there along I-75 as we drove home. It was enough.

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