Today I stopped by the grocery store for a few things. On the way to the milk I cruised past a box of raised donuts. The last time I had a raised donut was probably last year in Hayward on vacation. I had a taste memory of something warm, light and spongy with a thin, crinkly glaze, like a fresh Krispy Kreme at the store with the Just Baked sign flashing…. It was definitely a moment of weakness and I didn’t want to waste it. I bought them. Back at home, the illusion vanished the minute I touched them. They were cold and I guess I expected that, but they were also stiff, and kind of heavy and so covered with gooey sugar that I had to wash from the wrists down after the first one. In short, they were disappointing like most of the store bought raised donuts I’d ever had but had forgotten about. I only ate three. That leaves nine for tomorrow…

I suppose I was also a little giddy about getting off work tomorrow. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had my so called “regular” Wednesday off and I have missed it so badly. We’ve been going through new employees one after another and the schedule hasn’t been pretty. Jackie had to have emergency surgery. Angela hurt her back. Melanie tripped in a parking lot and sprained her wrist and ankle. Jennifer took another job up in Tampa. And now we have Mary. I call her Peruvian Mary because she is from Peru and because I don’t know her last name. She’s had one morning of watching, and one morning of helping, and tomorrow she is on her own and such a brave girl for doing it. She’s only 5 ft. tall and can barely pull Scottie up in bed but she is motivated to work since she is on her own with a young son to support. She is very nervous about remembering the 7,211 steps in our morning routine even though I tried to give her all kinds of memory tricks that kind of work for me.

So I’m thinking about my time off and carefully planning how to spend it – a precious 24 hour gift from God. My limiting factor is a strange plethora (love that word) of physically painful body parts – right shoulder, left wrist and hand, right hip – kind of zig zagging down the body.  Between them all I’m suddenly having a hard time moving around. I was pretty accustomed to the shoulder and hand pains since I’ve had them for a while, but the hip thing is new and the worst of them all. I didn’t do anything to make it happen and I’m hoping to not do anything again to make it go away. It’s very strange, as I said. I’m still looking forward to my day off since there are many less active things on my “to do” list, including more blogging about my interesting week.

Writing about donuts made me hungry. Eight left.

One thought on “Donuts

  1. Have you ever tried yoga? I have lots of aches and pains from running, and my yoga class has cured me of them all. Part of it is the stretching, part of it is I am free to move at my own pace, and part of it is how it brings my awareness around to what my body is telling me when it is sore. I have recommended it to my dad too. (I'd give it 6 classes though before you start really feeling the benefits;)

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