Crazy busy

I am helplessly trapped between worthy requests, necessary work and scheduled events that can’t be cancelled. Well, I guess they could be cancelled if I died or got really sick. Saturday, Sunday and Monday have been like a trio of mind- numbing, busy days lately. I’m starting to dread them. I have a minute right now, but I worked a double shift last night and am longing to close my eyes (so I can stay awake in my class tonight…) But what I’m really going to do is get a Mary Kay order in the mail to one of my four customers. All of them picked this weekend to order something – how does that happen? I know they don’t get together and plan to make me crazy. I would love to take more time and maybe even be funny about this but, got to go. Just thought I’d let you know and thanks for checking in to see if I’m writing….

One thought on “Crazy busy

  1. Sounds like you need to come to West Virginia and take a break from all that busyness. Hope you get some rest soon. If it would help you out, I'll go to bed a few minutes earlier tonight. Love you…..keep writing!

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