this beautiful day

Working on the second cup…

This last week has been incredibly restricting. I’m not complaining because I had choices that led to it all, but now I am craving time alone to think about what has happened, savour the goodness, and make plans for the future. Sometimes life just hands you a busy week and there is nothing to do but plunge into it and emerge on the other side. I woke up this morning at the usual 5:30 am time and got up just so I could have the satisfaction of going back to bed, and not to work. It was sweet. It’s now only a little after 9 am and I’ve done some important reading, thinking/praying about the day, the second load of laundry is chuggin away, and the second cup of coffee is cooling at my right hand. My electronic servant is watering the lawn. The day is young. I am hopeful for it. (And I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon, yay!!!)

Birthday aftermath – see how I’ve stretched this yearly event out in time over several posts? The pergola project certainly had a hand in the stretching out. It seems like I’ve made daily trips to hardware stores, and cooked multiple meals for my workers and we still have several things to finish. The photo on the last post was taken Sunday afternoon after Carroll and Hector had done some of the major work. That night, after we had returned from dinner and multiple desserts at Kim’s house, Hector and Carroll showed up once again with a rather large three milk birthday cake from the Mexican deli.  I’ve told you Hector is a rather unusual young man, and one of his quirks is that he feels a happy obligation to celebrate people and events. I am blessed by him. He told me when he ordered the cake it had to be large because the man told him he couldn’t fit ” Happy Birthday Shirley” on a small cake. So we stopped and had coffee and cake one more time. I told him next time “Hi Shirley” would do just fine.

The pergola is going to be stained grey, like driftwood, and that is about all that remains to be done. I’m looking for some grape vines to plant and maybe someday it will have lovely greenery growing up over the top, with bunches of grapes hanging down inside please. One interesting realization during the course of this project – a small metal brace with four holes in it for screws that cost $.65 in some past year when Carroll bought it, now costs $1.47! Since he had 10 of them already put in place I wanted to match the other 22 needed. It took me three hardware stores to find them, and they only had 22. Isn’t that interesting. and expensive.

The lovely coffee cup pictured here has a pine cone on it, which is kind of a recurring theme between Esther and myself. It came in the mail yesterday, and gives me a reason to consider pine cones once again. What a crazy way to package seeds! A protective sleeve that pops open and releases new potential trees at the perfect time, and sits around looking lovely all the while, one of the zillions of amazing ideas God has had to make this world beautiful. I enjoy collecting pine cone things – did I mention that I found pine cone earrings in Cambodia? As I was looking at some silver items, the woman vendor noticed my necklace and being very good at her job, she just laid them out in front of me. They matched perfectly.

My A.W. Tozer thought for the day: “We have almost forgotten that God is a Person,… it is inherent in personality to be able to know other personalities, but full knowledge of one personality by another cannot be achieved in one encounter. It is only after long and loving mental intercourse that the full possibilities of both can be explored.”

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