Taking to the air again

I guess I have always thought that the farther away from home I intended to visit, the longer I should try to stay – just to make it worth the cost of travel. But there comes a point when that has to be re-thought. The point is when you realize you haven’t seen someone for a very long time, and if you wait to have a two week vacation you might never see them again! A long weekend is better than nothing at any cost. And so I’ll be flying to Seattle on Friday. It’s amazing how quickly things can be done in this day and age, over the internet. I can hear of a book, find it for sale, purchase it and be reading in less than 10 minutes without leaving my chair. I can compare prices, find a flight, purchase a ticket and make all my schedule changes for the rest of the week in an afternoon. It’s almost like things can happen before you even are ready for them. If I’m going to have the fun of anticipation for this trip I’d better really dwell on it in the next two days. For sure.

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