What About a Business Blog?

???????????????????????????????????????Notice the question mark after the title.  I want feedback from anyone who has experience with blogging as an adjunct to a legitimate business – you go to their website and on the top bar along with “account” and “shopping cart”, etc… there is an option called “blog”.  In your experience, who goes there and what are they looking for? What functions should the blog serve for the business? What kind of writing is most effective?  I am going to find out the answers to some of these questions through trial and error, probably, but it would be wonderful to hear from some wise ones and not have to re-invent the wheel – just sayin’.

I have the opportunity to write for a small family business (not my own) and am so intrigued by this new challenge I can hardly stop thinking about it.  The business has grown steadily over the past few years but now with an upgraded website and the desire to use social media to the fullest, the business blog is soon to be born.  I suppose that as I learn about the business, other people might also want to learn the same things. So… is it to my advantage that I know almost nothing about it? I hope so.

Another thing that would help me write for them would be to know if you have ever received an award for who you are or something you’ve done. What did it mean to you to have a tangible object of appreciation, something useful or beautiful, given to you?

want need crave comments.